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ay2_4018-20170322.jpgThe BIA Government Affairs Committee (also known as the “FixItPhilly” coalition) tracks public policies and practices that impact the building industry at the national, state and local levels. Within Philadelphia, the Government Affairs Committee works closely with city agencies, elected officials, policy makers and community stakeholders to advocate for the issues that most affect the home building industry: removing barriers to investment and promoting a positive development climate in the city.

In 2018, our new officers (James Maransky, president; Leo Addimando, vice president and Gary Jonas, treasurer), will focus the work of the BIA Board of Directors on the following key challenges:

  • BIA recognizes the need, and supports taking steps, to boost production of affordable housing in Philadelphia. But we strongly believe that those steps must be carefully thought-out and well vetted to avoid unintended consequences that could be more damaging than beneficial. We expect to work on this critical issue with our partners in the reinvigorated Real Estate Coalition and with City Council.
  • In 2017, we made a strong, data-driven case for how the 10-year tax abatement benefits the whole city. In 2018, we’ll continue our adamant support of this lynchpin program.
  • We’ll continue our sustainability work, promoting a greener plumbing code that allows for PVC pipe in commercial buildings, advocating for better stormwater management practices and working with PWD to establish a clear and more efficient site plumbing permit process.